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Enhancing the Golfing Experience

It’s no secret that I love golf. I can’t get enough of it. I love going out and enjoying the weather, course, friends and excercise. The problem I have with golf is that it takes entirely to long to play. Courses have been saturated with players, especially since the enhanced visibility of the game that Tiger Woods has provided. The thing that frustrates me the most is that this problem can be simply solved in a couple of steps. It is a given that the course has to be decent.

If every course would install GPS units it would go a long way in speeding things up. I know there is a cost involved, but I can guarantee that the economics of getting people off in an orderly manner and getting more players per day would help recoup the initial cost that the courses would undertake. It is a long shot to think this would work, but it seems like there is a market for someone creating a low cost alternative. GPS has gotten so cheap that it shouldn’t cost much for even meager courses to have a simple solution.

The second step is for people to get up and hit their ball. If you shank one into the thick stuff, you have a minute to figure out where your ball is. Otherwise you are dropping a ball and hitting. It just doesn’t make sense if you are spraying the ball around that you sit and look for your ball for an hour. The course could make this rule standard by giving some cheap balls to the players. Have a ranger or two look around for balls to recycle, or not. Balls are cheap when you buy the range balls. Again the economics of having more people playing would pay for itself.

So here is to praying that courses will start to be more radical with its approach to enhancing the golfing experience. Pace of play makes me play better.